Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

“What is your availability?”

I’m always happy to hear about new projects. If we end up working together, whether I can start immediately or need to schedule it for the future depends on the project and my current workload. If I can’t begin immediately because of commitments to other clients, I’ll give you my best estimate for when I can start, and keep you updated on my availability.

“How much do you cost?”

My starting hourly rate is $30. For many projects I can give a flat fee once I know the details.

“What’s your turnaround time?”

That depends on the size of the project. For instance, a review of your webpage could be done in 24-48 hours. Working on a larger project will take more time. But whatever the case, you’ll have an estimated completion time at the outset, and I’ll always keep you up-to-date on the status of the work.

“What do you need from me to get started?”

Generally speaking, I need:

  • To understand your goals.
  • Know if there’s a deadline for the project.
  • See what you have already written, if anything.
  • See examples of writing or websites that you like, so I have the best idea of what you want.

“Can we meet in person to work, or are you online only?”

Although most of my clients are online only, because of distance, I’m happy to meet in person. I live in Rhode Island and can usually meet there or in Massachusetts.

“Are there types of writing you DON’T do?

If you’ve read much of this site, you’ll know that I write and edit a large range of topics, and will take on many different jobs. Being able to work on so many interesting things is one of the best parts of what I do.

There are, however, a few types of writing that I don’t do:

Ghostwritten romance novels. Just not my genre to write.

“Make 25 SEO-optimized articles per week about trending subjects.” I can write things quickly, but my speciality is giving you well-crafted writing and not churning out content at a crazy pace.

A job that needs to be started right now and completed in the next 3 hours. I typically don’t start new work that is already in a total state of emergency.

Writing that needs to be done for the lowest possible price. I’m not the lowest-priced writer out there.