Working With Me

Working With Me

Here are four ways I will add value to the job you need done:

1. I’m easy to work with. Business can be stressful–working with me is not. I’ve been a freelance writer and have also been a client who hires others. I’ve seen the good and the bad from both sides, and know what it takes to complete a job in a smooth, efficient fashion.

2. I’ll bring logic and creativity to your project. I don’t see a conflict between logic and creativity, because they support each other. If you come to me with a very creative fiction story that needs structure and discipline, I can help wrangle it into shape; if you come to me with a terse article comparing the carbon content of tea kettles, I can add a splash of creative personality to it.

3. I can draw from a wide range of experience. I won’t list my entire resume here, but offline I’ve worked on farms, a ski mountain, with concrete, as a garden guy, and a machine operator. I’ve worked directly with people who speak no English, with business owners, people who are very angry every morning, and with great customers.

I have written for a cosmetic surgeon, landscaper, arborist, mental health counselor, and a printing factory. I’ve also edited very corporate-sounding job posts, written comedy scripts, and worked with generative-AI-prompt engineering.

All these things help to give me experience and perspective to use when working with my clients.

4. I focus on lowering your risk. I’m up front about when I can help a client, and when I’m not the right person. I’m happy to review your material and needs and I’ll give you my opinion on whether I can help, before starting any job. You see how I think, and I get a much better sense of the job you want done, so it’s good for both of us.

You have enough challenges. Your business deserves content that shines, and you deserve the peace of mind knowing that it’s taken care of by a professional. The pen might be mightier than the sword, but wielding it doesn’t have to be your battle.

Peace-of-Mind Guarantee You Can Count On

I know what it’s like hiring someone for the first time. You might be thinking, “This all looks great, but what if he’s a totally different person after money changes hands? What if I need revisions, and he doesn’t get back to me for six weeks? What if…what if…?”

It’s time to hit delete on those What-If’s.

I’m confident in my writing and am confident you will be happy with it. Revisions are part of any good writing process, and they are included in the work we do together, until you are happy with the results.

My rates are transparent without hidden fees. Hire me hourly or at a flat rate for a deliverable we agree upon. When we have agreed upon the size and details of a project, and no new specifications enter the picture, I will NEVER come to you halfway through with some surprise fee or rate increase.

In summary, by working with me, you will get:

1. Confidence that you will come away happy.

2. Certainty that prices are transparent.

3. No mid-project surprise emails that make you spit your coffee on your keyboard.

4. If we’re working on a project and it’s just not coming together, for whatever reason, you will be the judge: you’ll either love what I’ve created for you, or you’ll get your money back.

You can move forward with peace of mind.