Proofreading is more than a review for spelling errors or misplaced punctuation. It’s a final quality check to make sure your work is the best it can be. It’s peace of mind that an embarrassing error has not slipped by.

Even the most experienced writers can overlook small errors in their own work, because they’re too close to it. Your brain knows what you meant to write, and it’s easy to miss a slip of the keyboard or an awkwardly phrased sentence when you do your own proofreading.

Whether you’re working on a business proposal, book, or website, I can give a fresh perspective and catch issues that have gone unnoticed.

What can you expect from my proofreading?

Spelling and Punctuation
I’ll catch the typos, and missing or misplaced punctuation marks that can interrupt the flow and comprehension of your text.

Grammar and Syntax
I’ll ensure your text adheres to the rules of English grammar without being stuffy, and that your sentences are structured correctly.

This includes checking that your formatting is uniform throughout, and that you’ve been consistent in your use of language, such as American vs. British spelling.

I’ll check that your sentences flow smoothly, suggesting minor tweaks where necessary to improve clarity and ensure you effectively convey your message.

Before: “Our product, which was launched last month, and has been the result of extensive research and development, has been selling fast.”

After: “After extensive research and development, we launched our product last month. It’s been selling fast.”

Though not a main component of proofreading, if a claim or statistic stands out as potentially inaccurate, I’ll flag it for your attention. For example, if a document states that Mount Everest is over 30,000 feet tall, I would highlight this, because the accepted height is just over 29,000 feet.

Your Message, Refined

My proofreading is not about altering your message, but about fine-tuning your text, spotting distractions, and making sure that your ideas shine through clearly.

Don’t let a minor error detract from your hard work. I’m here to put the finishing touches on your document, adding that extra layer of polish that will help you make a great impression on your readers. It’s your message; I’m here to help you make it perfect.