Fiction Editing for Novels and Short Stories

Fiction Editing for Novels & Short Stories

Editing your own fiction can be tough. It’s hard to have objectivity. Friends and family might give feedback, but they may not be writers; they may not understand your style; and it may not be realistic to have them edit a 70,000-word book.

Meanwhile, AI and writing services like Grammarly and ProWritingAid can all be useful, but they still aren’t a substitute for competent human editing.

Whether it’s a short story or a full-length novel, I can quickly and efficiently edit your fiction, so you can focus on submitting with confidence and getting published. Here’s what I’ll do:

1. Spot inconsistencies. Especially with novels or multiple drafts, it’s easy to rename a character or location, but leave a few of the old names in by accident. I’ll catch these.

2. Identify and adjust awkward or convoluted sentences to increase readability, so your ideas are communicated effectively and smoothly to the reader.

3. Fix typos. We’ve all made them, and it’s often hardest to catch your own typos. I’ll bring a fresh set of eyes to the hunt.

4. Remove grammatical errors. Character dialogue or narrative voice can have non-standard grammar and I’ll recognize this, while removing grammatical errors that don’t add to the reader’s experience.

5. Standardize spelling and capitalizations. I’ll standardize spelling variations (American vs. British English) based on your preference, and make sure you have proper capitalization for names, places, and titles throughout your work.

6. Trim excess words. As writers, we sometimes put too many words on the page. It makes our sentences weaker. I’ll cut those excess words.

7. Find opportunities for improvement even when they fall outside the strict definition of editing. If I see a way to make your work stronger, I’ll bring it up to you.

My editing is not to change your style, but to help present your style in its best possible form.

Does hiring an editor feel like a big commitment? It doesn’t have to. I’m happy to edit a sample at no obligation to you, so you see how I work and I get to know your writing style.

Simply message me and say you’re interested in fiction editing. Tell me about any special considerations I should keep in mind while reading. For short stories, please include the entire manuscript, along with your deadline (if any). For any work over 5,000 words, send a representative sample from the manuscript, plus a brief synopsis, along with your deadline (if any).