Help with Self-Publishing Tasks

Help with Self-Publishing Tasks

Self-publishing can be daunting. If you go this route, your list of tasks, money spent, and time expended can build up quickly. Getting lost in this part isn’t fun. Ask me how I know.

For your book to be successful, it first needs to be written, then published, then marketed. As writers, it’s easy to focus on the first third of that sequence. But we need enough energy left over for the other two parts.

If you write a great book that stalls out in the publishing stage, it won’t be successful. If it’s written and published, but you’re left mentally or financially exhausted and unable to carry out marketing, it won’t be successful. The gap between writing a manuscript and marketing it has eaten a lot of potential books. Maybe some great ones–who knows? Let me help you bridge that gap, so you’re ready to enthusiastically bring your book to the public.

Because I’ve been on this journey, I can help guide the way. From the process of publishing my own books, I generated a spreadsheet with over 130 items: all the questions I needed to look up and answer, and tasks I needed to accomplish. A small sample:

1. Determine font to use for book text.

2. Find out how many title pages.

3. Write an “About the Author” section.

4. Decide if I want a pen name.

5. Determine what sort of book cover I want.

6. Post cover design job or hire designer directly.

7. Determine layout of the book.

8. Decide on a bonus material teaser at the end of the book.

You could totally figure out this process without me. But I already learned these things the hard way and can help make your book-publishing journey go more smoothly.

I’ve made a streamlined sheet of tasks for self-publishing that’s based on my original list. It has over 70 items. If you’re the type of person who really does want to do everything yourself, or if you want to get a peek at the steps involved in self-publishing, I’d be happy to send you the sheet. Just write me a message asking for the Self-Publishing Task List and I’ll send it over.